Ideology is something which drives an organization. The Walnut Company is moreover an ideology of few visionaries who are working on an initiative to fulfill the dreams of many individuals and of course their own too as they are all connected to each other. We are working on a simple mathematical calculation that the number of customers satisfied= Growth of TWC=Fulfillment of dreams of all. TWC is a people’s organization who brings together talent pool together from different parts of India and merges them into a group of professional to execute the beginning of a new era in the Real estate sector. We believe sales and marketing is a good intention rather than a job responsibility.


We provide professional Consultancy services which clearly reflects in our associates as we believe in joining hands with committed, focussed and honest individuals who have a deep inclination to learn and grow. We use as an important tool called ENROLLMENT which focuses on selling on an individuals ideas rather than a business proposal.. We do Portfolio management of a customer in order to route their investments in the best and safest possible in order to get maximum returns.


We have a vast knowledge of upcoming areas and projects of Delhi NCR which leads to a in-depth analysis by our talent pool. Recently We have been awarded as a Emerging Developer of the Year” by ABP NEWS. We have a Excellent Developer relationship which have been proven not by bias but by merit. We don’t call our self the best but definitely strive to be the best by providing the best service to all as each customer matte.